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V. Manny Zizumbo, LCSW

MANUEL "MANNY" ZIZUMBO has been working adolescents/tweens, adults, couples, and their families since 1996.  He has an extensive work history in both the private and public mental health sectors.  He has experience working in mentoring programs, in-home programs, outpatient mental health/substance abuse clinics, groups homes, and residential treatment centers.  Manny is passionate about building healthy relationships with clients in hope of empowering them discover solutions for living life a better way.


In Utah, Manny has worked closely with the public schools, courts, Division of Child & Family Services, as well as working as case manager/parole officer for the Division of Juvenile Justice Services.  Manny specializes in depression, anxiety, substance abuse, sex addiction/compulsion, behavior problems, relationship problems, trauma/PTSD, and domestic violence.  Manny uses a variety of evidence-based modalities, and a warm person-centered approach to therapy.


Manuel “Manny” Zizumbo honorably served in the military as Reconnaissance Marine in the USMC.  Manny graduated from University to Utah with both is bachelor and master’s degree in social work and became a licensed clinical social worker in 2006.  Manny enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children.  Together they spend quality time in the outdoors, playing sports, helping others, traveling, training in the Martial Arts, and most of all, just spending time laughing, growing, and living life together

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